Nobilissimus PC (“Nobilissimus”, ”we”, “us”, “our”) OWNS AND OPERATES THE SOFTWARE with the name Callibrie (“Callibrie”, “Callibrie Apps”, “service”, “services”, “ONLINE SERVICES”) through (“website”).



a. Personal
Personal data are considered all data related to and used for identifying You as a Service User or generally a unique entity interacting with the Service. Such data are collected via signing up to our Service, submitted via our online services through forms, sending us emails and generally any data collected that can be attributed to you as a unique individual.

b. Private
Private data are considered all data that you have sole access and control. Callibrie processes all data related with, but not limited to, your contacts and contact details in order to offer you as a Service an enhanced communication experience.

These data are categorized as follows:

Data from your Mobile devices
These are Personal data, Contacts and all available contact details and changes, Call history, Location data, Data resulting from your interaction with the Callibrie App

Data from your connected accounts
These data are collected following your explicit authorization of the Service to access your online accounts that hold contact details and include but are not limited to: Account Credentials, Authorization Tokens, Personal data, Contacts and all available contact details including contact photos, Data resulting from your interaction with these online accounts (eg editing a contact's details)

Data from your online interaction with the Service
Data related with interaction with the Service such as email, interacting with our website and/or email, surveys or marketing and advertising campaigns related with the Service, maybe collected to enhance your experience in using our Services.

c. Public
Public data are defined as End Users Contacts Data explicitly chosen and marked as public via their profile and as such available for all Callibrie End Users and Third Parties. These data can be searched and discovered via Callibrie Apps' search engine and thus by End Users. Public data are personally identifiable data and as such Callibrie bears no liability on their use by other End Users.


The scope of collection of User data includes but is not limited to:

  • Backup your contact data in a safe and retrievable manner
  • Create your address book within the Callibrie App
  • Access and synchronize with your online contact accounts for transfer and consolidation of contact details within the Callibrie App with the purpose of creating a unique and unified address book
  • Create your personal communication pattern to enhance ease of communication and enrich communication experience
  • Allow you to create a public searchable profile that other Callibrie App Users can find, view and if so desire add in their Callibrie App address book
  • Allow you to create several instances of your contact profile so that you can control which specific details are shared with which contact group and hence its group members/contacts as assigned by you via interacting with the Callibrie App
  • Allow you to search, find, view and if so desire to add other Users with public profiles to your Callibrie App address book


Private and personal data are collected via your mobile devices and your connected online contact accounts. Callibrie may collect and allow third parties to collect further information on how you use and interact with the Callibrie App and Services. These third parties are an integral part of the Callibrie architecture and include services such as cloud services, data verification services, mobile and website analytics services etc.

Following Callibrie App installation to your mobile device, Callibrie collects contact data, including details, photos, recent call history and location and uploads these data to your Callibrie server account created upon registration, for backup and further processing.

Similarly the Callibrie server accesses your connected online contact accounts and synchronizes all available contact data with your Callibrie server account for further processing. Access to these data are subject to your online contact accounts' particular privacy policies and access restrictions.

Following initial synchronization your actions and contact changes from either of the two sources mentioned previously are communicated to the Callibrie server allowing the Service to synchronize contact data and create your communication pattern that will in turn enhance your daily communication experience

All data are collected following your explicit acceptance of either relevant permission requests in downloading and installing Callibrie App or via your interaction with the Callibrie App once installed in your devices. Similarly online accounts are accessed by Callibrie servers following your explicit authorization and/or submission of relevant credentials required.

For Users interacting with the Callibrie website and online services personal data as well as user interaction data may be collected. Form data, cookies, analytics and URL information are included in the ways the Service collects these data in order to enhance your experience of the service and ensure security standards are met.


a. Process – Combination
Your personal data are collected via the sign-up process in order for the Services to identify You as a unique User and facilitate User-to-User and User-to-Service interaction. Private contact data along with contact changes and updates are subsequently collected via your mobile device, interacting with Callibrie App and the Callibrie online services and/or your online contact accounts, for which explicit permission, authorization and/or credentials have been granted to Callibrie.

These data are stored to the Service's cloud storage servers and are subsequently processed in order to provide a consolidated unique address book available to you via the Callibrie App and online services, and synchronized with your online contact accounts if you so decide.

b. General Use
Your data are and will remain private as long as you choose to keep them so. Your data will be shared with your contacts if you decide to share these data with them. Your data will be publicly available to other Callibrie Users but not limited to, provided you decide to purposefully grant public access to these data.

The terms of this “Privacy Policy” do not grant us any rights to your private data or intellectual property except for the limited rights that are needed to facilitate the Service.

Anonymous data, ie without personally identifiable attributes, may be extracted by your personal and private data and used in order to enable the Service to fulfill its purpose and function, communicate with you for Service related, but not limited to, issues and to conduct research and analysis of trends related to communication and resulting behavioral patterns, that will allow the Service to enhance its offering and/or create other Services in the future.

c. Disclosure
Callibrie will not share your private data with any other third party, excluding third parties related to the architecture of the Service, unless you explicitly grant to your data or any sub-set thereof public access via the Service. Callibrie pledges to backup and safe keep your private data gathered during initial installation and provide you with access to them if so requested.

Private data may be shared with third party services required for Callibrie to fulfill its function, however these data will be attributed to and managed by the Service and not the third parties. Third parties are required by law or contractually never to disclose or use data provided via the Service and its Users for any reason other than the support of Callibrie.

The Service may disclose Private Data if such disclosure is deemed necessary for reasons dictated by law and/or in protection of the Service and its Users. Additionally the Service may disclose private data to its affiliates or subsidiaries; however, their use and disclosure of your private data will be subject to this "Privacy Policy".

Anonymous data resulting from the use of the Service may be leveraged by the Service or third parties in contract with the Service for commercial reasons, if the Service so decides. In turn third parties are bound by this "Privacy Policy" never to disclose private data and to notify the Service if access to private data is falsely granted to them. The Service pledges that private details of Callibrie Users will never be knowingly disclosed to third parties in anyway possible. Your privacy is and will remain the cornerstone of our Service's “"Privacy Policy"”.


By submitting Private Data to the Service you agree to comply with the terms outlined in this "Privacy Policy". This is essential for the service to provide the promised value.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Accept Callibrie ToS and PP which unequivalently means that you have read and understood the terms and policy rules.
  • Grant access to permissions requested during installation of the Callibrie App
  • Grant access to permissions requested during the use of the Callibrie App following installation
  • Grant access to your online contact accounts if you want your online contact data to be included in the Service
  • Provide online contact account credentials if and when so required if you want your online contact data to be included in the Service
  • Completing data verification processes such as, but not limited to, SMS verification, IVR verification, Missed Call or Reverse CallerID verification
  • Accept that the Service will collect Private Data during your use and access of its online services.
  • By accepting the “"Privacy Policy"” and granting access to your private data you agree to abide by the terms outlined. You expressly consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your Private Data in accordance to this “"Privacy Policy"”, and you represent and warrant that you have all rights necessary to submit such Private Data.


You can access and fully control your data by logging in the Callibrie App either via your own supported mobile device or any other supported mobile device. User data accessibility and control may include logging in via an online portal provided by the Service.


Your data are protected in Callibrie's secure cloud infrastructure supported via Amazon AWS Services and its corresponding security layers. Full redundancy is leveraged for your data secure backup and availability, whilst the architecture's historical log allows for rollback and disaster recovery of your contact data at all times. Communication channels between Callibrie servers as well as Callibrie servers and Users are end-to-end SSL encrypted. Sign-up and Log-in processes are fully secured by OAuth2.0 authentication protocols.


This “"Privacy Policy"” is subject to occasional changes. These changes will be communicated in a timely manner via email communication, website announcments and the Callibrie App, well in advance of being enforced. Changes enforced will be effective immediately for new Users.

You are responsible for keeping your personal contact email updated at all times, in order to be informed of any such changes in the "Privacy Policy" as they may affect the use of your Private Data. Continued use of our Service following changes in the “"Privacy Policy"” will constitute acknowledgment of such changes and agreement to be bound by the updated terms and conditions.


Please direct any queries about these Terms to:

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